Private Pilot License

Advanced Flying Course


A private pilot is the holder of a private pilot license. With an FAA-issued private pilot license (PPL), a person is able to fly US registered aircraft that meet the same aircraft category and class that their private pilot license designates. Private pilots are not permitted to profit from any flight (except as denoted in 14 CFR FAR Part 91.113). In order to be compensated for flight services, a person must hold a commercial pilot license.

Entry Requirements

Private Pilot License Integrated Course shall be of 8 months duration, from the commencement of training (i.e. date of issue of SPL) and shall comprise a minimum of 40 hours in accordance with the prescribed Syllabus.

  • Applicant shall not be less than 17 years of age
  • Class-II Medical Certificate or higher (Class-I)
  • Student Pilot License


The Passing marks for completion of PPL are 60%, and the validity of the credits is 12 months.

  • Air Law.
  • Flight Performance and Planning.
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology.
  • Navigation.
  • Operational Procedures.
  • Principles of Flight.
  • Radio-telephony


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